The Best Twin Memory Book for Your Littles

So you're having twins. Congratulations! Your family is adding twice as much love. But twins come with a lot of questions, like “Do I need two of everything??” Yes and no. At least telling your babies' story can be easy. With the Baby Notebook App, you can create a twin memory book that's modern, beautiful, and intentional. Best of all, the app's features make it simple to document your babies' stories in ONE book that can become part of your family's legacy.

A mother sits with her twins in her lap flipping the pages of a modern twin baby book.

What to Keep in Mind for Your Twin Memory Book

Creating a twin memory book comes with some challenges. Most conventional baby books limit the number of pictures and text you can include. When creating your twin memory book with the Baby Notebook App, you'll want to be subscribed as a Premium subscriber. That way when you add those additional twin pages to your twin memory book you can rearrange or replace pages. Plus, Premium Subscribers get a 33% discount when printing their books and since you may want to print two, it will be more than worth the subscription cost of $49.99 per year. Flexibility is priceless in parenting twins and preserving their stories. 

As any twin parent can tell you, your babies might look like mirror images of each other, but they have very different personalities. Your twin memory book should give you space to tell each of their own stories. The Baby Notebook App offers a mix of prompts and free writing spaces. You can tailor your storytelling to each one-of-a-kind kiddo. 

The Easiest Baby Book for Twins

The Baby Notebook App has features that make your baby book feel intentional and cohesive. Making a twin memory book is as simple as one for a single baby. As a twin parent you will simply use the “additional page” feature to add the duplicate pages you need. And voila! You have your twin baby book.

Does it sound too good to be true? We get it. Sometimes seeing is believing. Watch the twins features of the Baby Notebook App in action here

Part of the beauty of this app is that you don't have to sit down with a bunch of craft supplies. You don't need to monitor four little hands trying to whisk away the glue sticks. Instead, you can put in a few minutes a week. Set a weekly reminder via app notifications to upload a photo during nap time or your lunch break at work. You'll be surprised how easy it is to actually finish your babies' book. 

A Legacy for Each Baby

With the Baby Notebook App, you create one book with two babies, but you can still honor your kids' individuality by printing two copies. That way they each have a copy of their story to return to as they get older. Half the fun of a baby book is watching your kids look through it as they grow. Now each of your twins can do that.

While we designed the Baby Notebook with practicality and modern aesthetics in mind, we also believe that your twin memory book will be part of your family's legacy. Someday your babies will be grown and may have kids of their own. They'll appreciate that you lovingly documented this fleeting, fantastic moment in their own story as they look to do it for their own children.

What Real Parents are Saying about Baby Notebook

The creators of the Baby Notebook App, Davia and Suzanne, wanted more to make an easy, practical solution to creating a modern baby book. They built in features like reminders and additional pages to make the process as parent-friendly as possible. We're so excited when real parents share their stories with us!

One reviewer in the Apple App Store called Baby Notebook “the Cadillac of baby books” precisely because “it was by far the easiest for me to manage.” As a mom of three, she had disappointing experiences with half-finished baby books for her first two kids. When her third arrived, she knew a traditional approach wouldn't work. She said, “With this app, I could easily log in, upload a few pics, fill out a few milestones and could more or less stay up to date… By the end of my daughter's first year, I was ready to print this amazing, full, complete book. There were a few pages that I didn't care to include, and I was able to hide those. Once I printed my book, it arrived quickly and was great quality. I'm so thankful I found this app!” We're thankful too.

Creating your twin memory book doesn't have to be an impossible chore. The Baby Notebook App makes it fun and easy to create a beautiful keepsake for your babies. Your family will treasure it for a lifetime. Download the app free today and tell your little ones' stories side by side.


Thanks to Sara Welch Photography and model Kena James for these sweet photos.