We believe every baby is a gift. We create ease for every parent to tell the story of their baby's first moments in our app - reminders for milestones, upload in the moment, and receive a beautiful hardbound baby book at the end of year one.

Our Mission

Our baby memory books and app are designed by moms for every parent - single parents, LGBTQ parents, and parents of multiple children. We believe it should be possible for every parent to complete a baby book for their little one. We create the space to accomplish this by notifying you and prompting you through our app. After your baby turns one, you will have a beautifully designed hardbound baby book in your hands.

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Our Books

  • Designed by moms with all parents in mind
  • The perfect blend of quality + price
  • Customizable cover showcasing your baby
  • High quality print + vibrant colors
  • Silk finished paper
  • Certified by the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP)
  • Matte hardbound cover
  • 116 pages
  • 170+ photos
  • 3 letters to baby
  • Available in 2 sizes
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What makes us unique?


The Baby Notebook app reminds you to write down the moments and upload the photos directly to your book weekly. We know parenting is hard, so we want to make one thing easy for you - a baby book.


The Baby Notebook app doesn’t leave room for “mom guilt” or “mom brain.” The app prompts you through its notifications on what to write. If you don’t have an answer or want to skip a page, you can “hide” the page, and it won’t print in your book.

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As a mom, there is so much pressure to do everything! So I love the idea of Baby Notebook helping me to accomplish something that feels important to me.
- Mackenzie K
So excited about Baby Notebook. I plan to make Bryan’s baby book that I never started this winter.
- Sara W
This is a keepsake I wish I had for my firstborn. Printing, cutting, & pasting photos just never happened. Not to mention trying to remember to write down everything. I love how this app will do all that for you.
- Karen W

App Coming Soon

Our app developer is hard at work behind the scenes. We know you’re excited, and we are too. To be the first to find out when we launch, get on our list!

Little moments.
Big memories.

Our Story

Hi! It's Suzanne and Davia, the sisters and mothers behind Baby Notebook. We're San Francisco natives born two years apart. Growing up, we always wished we were twins - and in some ways, it feels like we are because we share a special bond. As luck would have it, in June of 2018, we had our babies two days apart.

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Our Team

Suzanne Hansson
Co-founder & Marketing
Mom to Klara & Josephine
Davia Broberg
Co-founder & Designer
Mom to Leila & Levi


Can I use the app for free?

You can use our app for free during pregnancy. When your baby is born, the book has two purchase plans that include the book itself and give you full access to the app.

Can I purchase more than one book?

Yes. After you've completed your book and are ready to send it to print, you can add additional books.

What if I don’t want to answer one of the questions or prompts?

The beauty of this app is that if you don't want to answer something, you don't have to. If you choose not to fill out a page, you can "hide" the page, and that page will not print in your book.

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