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+ Is Baby Notebook worth the investment?
+ How much does the app + book cost?
+ How much is shipping?
+ When will I be charged for my Premium subscription plan? 
+ How do I know I'll love the book?
+ How does the app work?
+ Can I give Baby Notebook as a gift?
+ Can I purchase more than one book?
+ Why do you have subscription plans?
+ What if I don't want to answer one of the questions or prompts?
+ Can I add more pages to my book?
+ Can I turn off notifications?
+ Is the app available in my country?
+ Can I access the app on my tablet or iPad?
+ Can I access my baby memory book projects that I've started on the app, on the desktop site?
+ Is there a way to check my spelling in the app?
+ Can I include my baby's hand/foot prints or other small keepsakes?
+ What are the dimensions of the actual book?
+ How long will it take to ship to me?
+ Canceling your app subscription on an iPhone:
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+ Deleting your account:
+ Deleting the app off your phone:
+ Where do I find the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy?
+ How do I upgrade my subscription from Plus to Premium on an iPhone? 
+ Did I miss out on the early prompts sent via notifications if my baby is already 6 months old?
+ My baby is almost one, can I still use the Baby Notebook App to create my baby book?