Is Baby Notebook worth the investment?
Yes! Your baby's first year only happens once. You’ll find our prices comparable to any quality photo book, but you won't have to do the formatting, prompt writing, and reminders — we did all that for you. Imagine this; a beautiful hardbound baby book in your hands after the first year completed. Now that is unheard of! You spent 5 minutes a week on it, you didn't stress over it, and you have a beautiful keepsake to share with your baby now, and for years to come. Make your baby's first year last a lifetime. Your future self will thank you.
I live a busy life, do I have time to do this?
Yes! If you have any intention of creating a baby book, Baby Notebook is your best bet. Set-up your weekly notifications for a day and time that works around your busy schedule — during your lunch at work, while you're pumping, or while you are nursing your little one. If you can commit to 5 minutes a week to spend uploading a photo or two and jotting down some memories about your little one, you will have a completed baby book after your baby turns one.
I've never been able to complete a baby book for my children, how will this be different?
The creators of Baby Notebook are two moms who felt overwhelmed by baby book-making. Replace the overwhelm with ease by taking a few minutes to answer the prompt and fill out your book each week, instead of sitting down at the end of one year with thousands of photos to sort through and print. Not to mention, the cutting, cropping and pasting of photos and the challenge of trying to reflect on each month eventually guessing what happened when your little one was one-month-old or was it at two-months-old? Baby Notebook acts as your baby book personal assistant — reminders for milestones, upload photos in-the-moment, relevant writing prompts, and a book at the end of year one. Baby Notebook is the modern baby book every mom (and dad) needs.
I'm not sure a baby book is for me.
We understand that not everyone prioritizes a baby book for their child. If this is you, we recommend the basic subscription plan. You pay monthly and can cancel at any time. The fact is that your baby won’t be little for long. After that first year goes by, you'll want to remember everything from the first time you heard your baby's heartbeat, to their first steps. We don't want you ever to miss a milestone.
How do I know I'll love the book?
In our app, you are filling the book out in the page format it will print. All the design work is done for you and by a mom with a 10-year background in design. The response we have received for our book is "stunning and brilliant." It is modern, clean, and timeless. Check out our book preview video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WVGRjhlJNP8
Can I give Baby Notebook as a gift?
Soon! We haven’t launched our gift cards yet. But in the future you will be able to purchase a gift card for the subscription plan + book to gift to a mama-to-be.
Can I purchase more than one book?
Yes. After you've completed your book and are ready to send it to print, you can add additional copies.
Can I use the app for free?
The Baby Notebook app is free during pregnancy. However, you'll only have access to the first three chapters on the app — Pregnancy, Family, and Home. When your baby is born, you can upgrade to one of our two subscription plans: Plus — $2.99 per month (paid monthly) or Premium — $49.99 per year (paid annually).
How much does it cost to use the app?
The app is free to download and free for the first three chapters of your book — Pregnancy, Family, and Home. To access the rest of the chapters, you can choose from one of our subscription plans: Plus — $2.99 per month (paid monthly) or Premium — $49.99 per year (paid annually).
How much is the book?
With the Plus subscription, $2.99 per month (paid monthly), you'll pay full price for the book: $149, book size 11.8x11.8" With the Premium subscription, $49.99 per year (paid annually), the cost of your yearly premium plan ($49.99) goes towards the cost of your book. You'll pay $100 for your book instead of $149, book size 11.8x11.8”
As a Premium subscriber, does my discount expire?
Each year you will be able to purchase one book at the discounted price of $100. You’ll have 14 months from the date you subscribed to purchase your book at $100. However, if you don't choose to purchase in that time frame, but you continue as a Premium subscriber, you will continue to receive one book each year at $100.
Why do you have subscription plans?
Our goal is to have a completed baby book in your hands just after your baby’s first birthday. We’ve found that when we pay for something, we’re more likely to complete it. By charging a subscription fee, we’re serving as your accountability partner to complete your baby book. As a Premium subscriber, it also allows us to provide better deals on the books because you’re investing more for your subscription upfront. In addition, we have more books coming soon!
What if I don’t want to answer one of the questions or prompts?
The beauty of this app is that if you don't want to answer something, you don't have to. If you choose not to fill out a page, you can "hide" the page, and that page will not print in your book.
What if I change my mind after I hide a page?
Select the "eye" icon below your page, and the page you hid will be available to edit and will print in your book.
Is there a section for baptism?
No. However, if you have a special family holiday or tradition, you can add it as a custom question (coming soon).
Can I turn off notifications?
Yes. However, we don't recommend turning the app notifications off. Instead, use the personalized settings to set your weekly app notifications to a day and time that fits your schedule. Our app notifications are a vital part of our service because they help remind you and prompt what to write. We want to make sure you don't leave any little moments behind.
Is the app available in my country?
The Baby Notebook app is available in the USA. Please contact us if you are interested in our app in another country.
Is the app available on Android devices?
Android version is coming soon
Can I access the app on my tablet or iPad?
Yes. Download the app on your tablet or iPad and sign in.
Can I access my baby memory book projects that I’ve started on the app, on the desktop site?
No, at this time, you can only manage your projects on the mobile app itself. In the future, we plan to offer this option.
Do I need to download the app to make my baby book?
Yes, you will need to download the Baby Notebook app from the App Store.
How much does it cost to use the app?
The app is free to download and free for the entire pregnancy chapter. To have access to the rest of the chapters, you can choose from one of our purchase plans, which has a discounted pay upfront cost for your book or a pay per month plan for a 12 month period, which includes your book.
How do I print my baby memory book?
Once your baby turns one, you will receive a notification that reminds you to complete your book. When the book is complete, you can tap the printer icon in the top right of the chapters screen.
How long will it take to ship to me?
7-10 days.
What is the dimension of the actual book?
We currently offer the square book size: 11.8” x 11.8” (30cm x 30cm).
Where do I find the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy?
The Terms & Conditions are located at https://babynotebookapp.com/terms The Privacy Policy is located at https://babynotebookapp.com/privacy