We see you, mama

Trying to do it all — raise a child (or multiple), sleepless nights, drowning in a never-ending pile of laundry, and attempting to fill out that baby keepsake book.

What baby book!?

Oh yeah, the one that is collecting dust on the shelf of your closet completely empty. The one you expected to complete by the end of year one.

A traditional baby book is not practical for modern moms.

The likelihood of you actually filling it out every month, printing and gluing photos.

Let's be realistic.

That's probably not going to happen.

Pregnant mom and toddler flipping through keepsake baby book
Two moms who are the co-founders of the baby book app with their 4 children

That's where the Baby Notebook app comes in.

We're Suzanne and Davia, sisters and co-founders of the Baby Notebook app, your new BFF when it comes to telling the story of your baby's first year. Reminders for milestones, upload photos in-the-moment and receive a beautiful hardbound baby book at the end of year one.

In an era of blank baby books and thousands of unprinted photos on your phone, we exist to provide mamas with peace of mind that you can document those little moments with ease.

How the Baby Notebook app was born

In 2018, we were in the midst of motherhood. Our babies, who were born two days apart, were suddenly 4-months-old. We were discussing how our baby books were (not) coming along. We were both feeling disappointed and, yes, mom-guilt. The reality was the pages were blank.

The idea came to us as I (Davia here) shared that I was typing all my little one's milestones in the notes on my phone. What if an app sent you notifications based on your baby's age? What if you received an automatic reminder to write down the meaningful moments? The app would act like your baby book personal assistant.

We were tired of the overwhelming amount of steps it takes to put together a traditional baby book. Step 1, select photos, step 2 print photos… So we made an app for that — a modern and convenient way to create a baby book.

Hand holding a mobile phone showing baby book app screen and keepsake baby book



Meet Davia

Davia is the vision behind Baby Notebook. She graduated from Savannah College of Art & Design and spent ten years in the fashion industry. Most recently designing for Nordstrom. She craved a convenient and beautiful baby book to record her own children's first years. Baby Notebook is the perfect combination of beauty and thoughtful design. The app creates a modern, timeless baby book you'll want to display on your coffee table to share with friends, family, and, most importantly, your little one.

Most days you can find Davia...

Juggling being a SAHM to a 3-year-old and 5-year-old while working on Baby Notebook (her 3rd baby). Davia lives in Seattle, WA. In her free time, she also enjoys creating with her hands (fiber arts mostly). You can find her outside as much as possible with the kiddos (rain or shine). On a fall evening, you'll find her eating s'mores over a backyard campfire with a hazy beer in her hand.⁣ Her favorite part of the week is Sunday morning, a full breakfast spread, and "Breakfast with the Beatles" playing on the radio.


Meet Suzanne

Suzanne is the heart behind Baby Notebook. She graduated from the Dominican University of California with an MS in occupational therapy. Her role as a therapist lives on in her role as mama and Baby Notebook. "It's my passion for inclusion that keeps me excited and motivated to get our book in the hands of families. I take pride in knowing that our book is inclusive of special needs, adoptions, and parents who are in the LGBTQ community."

Most days you can find Suzanne...

Suzanne is a SAHM to a 1-year-old and a 3-year-old while also balancing her Baby Notebook roles in the evening. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area along the coast. Her family joined the local co-op preschool this fall. Suzanne loves getting to know the families who go to school on her workdays. Both girls take swimming lessons at a local swim school which has been a wonderful social activity during the pandemic (since it reopened). She loves taking family walks and sometimes treating herself to a Rockaway Ricky coffee drink at the local cafe.

“...Suzanne and Davia from Baby Notebook anticipated the challenges of filling out and completing a baby book, and have come up with the perfect solution — an app where you can choose your favorite photos and milestones all from your phone as they are happening.” - Shelby Kotzerke


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