Making a Modern Baby Memory Book

A baby memory book is such an incredible way to document those whirlwind early years of your child's life. You can relive the moments that sped by in a blur and give your child the gift of their own story when they're older. Creating a baby book has a lot of challenges, though. If you're looking for an aesthetically pleasing, convenient-to-create baby book, we've got just the solution for you - the Baby Notebook App.

A woman's hands hold a baby memory book with a large photo of a newborn on the front.

Modern Baby Memory Book Aesthetics

A lot of new parents are turned off by the idea of a baby book if they've only seen babyish, juvenile designs. You might want something that feels more authentic to your family. If you're interested in an attractively designed baby memory book, look for these characteristics.

1. Clean, minimalist design

A timeless design starts with a clean design and plenty of white space. It gives you breathing room visually and allows you to soak in every detail of your baby's story. You don't need to rush through everything in a handful of jam packed pages. It's better to space everything out.

2. Just a few photos on each page

Again, we don't recommend crowding pages. Focus on finding the very best photos for each moment in your baby's story. In a world where we're tempted to take hundreds of phone photos of our baby each day, it's good to start the practice of editing down now.

A woman flips through maternity photos in a modern baby book.

3. Defined space for text

Each baby has their own story. Journaling pages are ideal because they give you the flexibility to tell a story or write a letter to your baby. Super specific prompts can create too much pressure and discourage you from filling in the book. The flexibility to pick and choose writing prompts is key.

A woman flips through a story in a baby book.

4. Beautiful, intentional fonts

Fonts are an important part of any book design. Just like a magazine, a baby memory book should include fonts that complement each other and don't overshadow your baby's personality. It should be classic, timeless, and clean.

A baby book lists a child's height over her first year.

Modern Conveniences

As much as people love the idea of an aesthetic baby book, they assume making one has to be a huge challenge. Conventional baby books do require a lot of time, organization, and materials. You have to print photos and glue them in along with other ephemera. The visual and logistical mess becomes a source of mental overload for some families. 

When you're creating a modern baby memory book, you want it to be as streamlined to experience as it is easy to look at. Set yourself up for success by picking a system you know you can follow through on. Parenting a new baby is demanding. Go easy on yourself, and pick a system that's really doable.

A woman opens a baby book to a family photo in a forest.

An App that Puts It All Together

So how do you tie together those impeccable aesthetics in a way that's convenient and actually doable? That's the question that led us to found the Baby Notebook App. Davia, one of our co-founders, wanted a hardbound baby memory book that had a clean, timeless design. Long story short, she couldn't find it. 

After her second baby, Davia understood that convenience was vital too. She didn't have time to sit down and create a baby book the old-fashioned way. That's when she and Suzanne set forth to design and launch the Baby Notebook App.

The Baby Notebook App is a convenient way to create your baby memory book a few minutes at a time. With the app, you create a modern, meaningful book with flexibility that suits every family. The result is a tastefully crafted book that's truly tailored to your family. 

A page in a baby memory book includes pregnancy milestones and a maternity photo.

Afraid you'll lose the thread of it like you would with a conventional baby book? We built in a system of notifications. You can set reminders to yourself to fill in a page at a day and time that's convenient for you each week. Maybe while you're on a pumping break at work? Before you know it, your gorgeous memory book will have grown right alongside your little one.

Ready to tell your baby's story in a timeless, convenient book? Check out the Baby Notebook App here!


Thanks to Sara Welch Photography for these amazing images of a baby memory book created with the Baby Notebook App!