Tips for Frame-worthy Fresh 48 Photos

Fresh 48 photos are the perfect way to document your baby's first days. A few tips can help you make the most of your phone to take photos you'll treasure for years to come. Trust us - you're going to want to print this and tuck it in your hospital bag. 

A little girl looks over the edge of a hospital bassinet at a swaddled newborn.

Lighting Tips for Fresh 48 Photos in the Hospital 

The first thing to consider with fresh 48 photos is the environment. Hospitals are designed for practical purposes, not adorable photos of your precious newborn. Harsh overhead lighting and a sterile environment create some challenges. Try these lighting tips to get those precious fresh 48 photos that will melt everyone's hearts.

1. Use natural window light whenever possible.

Nothing will compliment your baby's newborn glow like natural light. Seek out windows and, if possible, pay attention to when you're getting bright indirect sunlight. The morning or evening will probably work best. Get ready to roll that bassinet into the sun. 

Natural light also reduces hard shadows and makes skin glowy. That goes for you as well as your little one. Chances are you'll be pretty tired in your baby's first days. You may as well find lighting that helps you feel a little less ragged so you can enjoy these fleeting moments.

2. If the room is dark, consider making your photos black and white.

Because our phones default to color photos, our instinct tends to be to do fresh 48 photos in color as well. If you don't have good natural lighting, though, consider opting for a black and white edit on your photos. Black and white can hide a lot when it comes to unflattering light and color. 

Black and white photos also have a more documentary feel. Candid photographers often love it because it gives you the sense of being in the moment. There's a timelessness to it. Makes a lot of sense for fresh 48 photos, don't you think?

A close up of a baby's feet with a hospital bracelet on her ankle for fresh 48 photos

5 Must-Have Moments for Your Fresh 48 Photos

You might think you know what you want pictures of now, but when you've suddenly got a newborn to care for, all nonessentials tend to run right out of your brain. (And that's not to mention all the night nurses waking you up. Ugh.) Here's a photo cheat sheet so you can stay present with your newest family member. 

1. First moments

Those first incredible moments that your baby is earthside are a whirlwind. You really don't know how you'll react until they're in your arms. Whether the doctor puts the baby on your chest or in a loved one's arms, you're going to want to remember it. Your baby's expression and yours will stop your heart no matter how many years go by.

2. First feeding

First feedings are such a special part of fresh 48 photos. Every parent puts a lot of care into how they're going to feed their baby whether it's through nursing or a bottle. It deserves to be part of the story you tell. Feeding is also a big part of a newborn's relationship with their family members. (They do a lot of eating.) You'll want to remember how it all started.

3. Family

Family looks different for everyone. Maybe you're giving birth with the support of your partner or a best friend. You're going to want photos of their first reactions to your little one. This is a moment where candid, unposed photos are so powerful. 

4. The room

Take a step back. Include a wide view of the whole room. It will document what everything looked like and give a sense of the energy in the space. Are your older kids tumbling across the window seat? Is your partner hovering over the bassinet lost in love? It's one of those perfectly imperfect photos that you'll want for the baby book.

5. The details

Now zoom back in - way in - on your newborn. Fresh 48 photos aren't complete without detail photos. You'll want photos of those impossibly tiny hands and feet. This is a good chance to include the bracelet or bassinet name tag with the baby's name, weight, and other details. 


We worked with newborn photographer Meredith McKee to create the Fresh 48 Photo Guide. Get tips on photographing at the hospital and at home along with the top moments you'll definitely want to document in your little one's first weeks. This guide includes:

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  • When to hire a professional photographer

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