Minimalist Baby Shower Gift Ideas Your Expecting Friends Actually Need

So your minimalist friend is expecting. Your search for baby shower gift ideas will inevitably turn up some cute - and wildly unnecessary - future clutter. Without a doubt, your friend would much rather have something useful than an oversized stuffy. We've put together a list of our favorite baby shower gift ideas for your minimalist friend. Trust us when we say, your friend will thank you! 

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Baby Shower Gift Ideas for the Expecting Minimalist

With baby shower gift ideas, you can take one of two approaches. There are some classic essentials that your friend will end up using almost daily. We put those in our “Classic Gifts” category. 

On the other hand, if you want to do a little DIY, you can respect your friend's modern, minimalist lifestyle and put some personal touches on your gift. Check out our second grouping for ideas on making your own baby basket!

Classic Gifts that Never Go Out of Style

Sleep Sacks

Most medical experts agree that babies shouldn't sleep with a blanket until they're 12-18 months old. So how will your friend keep their little one warm at night? Sleep sacks! These wearable blankets keep babies warm and safe. Halo makes sleep sacks specifically designed to keep newborns at an ideal temperature for sleeping. Halo also makes our favorite baby swaddle here.

A Diaper Subscription

For new parents, there are few things worse than running out of diapers or wipes at a weird hour. Diaper subscriptions bring the supplies to the new parents' doorstep. The Honest Diaper subscription includes four packs of eco-conscious diapers and two packs of wipes monthly. Go in with another friend or two for this gift.

A Go-To Baby Carrier

Baby carriers aren't just cute. They're a necessity if your friend needs the use of their arms for the foreseeable future. Help them keep baby close in style with a sleek, comfortable carrier. Sakura Bloom makes a variety of styles in gorgeous colors.

A Beautiful Baby Book

If your friend is particular about aesthetics, you might find the idea of picking out a baby book intimidating. Plus, who wants the clutter of materials lying around? Your friend will love the Baby Notebook App! 

Baby Notebook is an app that allows you to create highly customizable baby and toddler books on your phone. Set a weekly reminder and finish in just a few minutes a week. At the end, you get a modern, minimalist book that you'll want to leave on your coffee table. You can gift your friend the Baby Notebook here!


Sometimes the best baby shower gift ideas are for the parents. There's nothing quite like a takeout fund when new parents are adjusting to a baby's nonsensical sleep patterns. Your friend will love a gift card to a local restaurant or food delivery app.

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Baby Shower Gift Ideas that Get Overlooked

As you may have gathered from conversations with your other friends, people like to give cute gifts at baby showers. That's understandable. Babies are cute and cuddly! Your minimalist friend will appreciate the essentials just as much, if not more, than the crocheted rattle shaped like an avocado. 

In the past, we've taken inspiration from the Finnish maternity box. The Finnish government sends a box of essentials to new parents, including diapers, swaddles, and clothing. We love to create boxes with essential items that are often forgotten. Here are some items you can include, all of which are easy to find on Amazon and other online retailers:

Again, some of the best baby shower gift ideas have the parents' needs in mind. Your friend will probably love to see a few of these items in your gift basket:

We hope you found the perfect gift for your minimalist friend! Every item in this post will make their life easier without unnecessary clutter. Want to throw in an extra goody for your friend? Grab our Fresh 48 Photo Guide! They'll be ready to take frame-worthy photos of their newborn even with their phone.


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