How to Take Pregnancy Photos for Your Memory Book

Pregnancy is a journey. Many of us find it meaningful to document moments along the way with pregnancy photos. It doesn't make sense for most people to schedule multiple maternity shoots, so it's good to know how to DIY high-quality photos. Learn how to take pregnancy photos that you'll love and preserve them in a gorgeous modern baby book with our easy app.

A woman holds up a baby book with an ultrasound and pregnancy photos.

How to Take Pregnancy Photos: 6 Tips to DIY Yours

1. Find the good light.

The first consideration should always be lighting. Natural light is our favorite for pregnancy photos (and any photos, to be honest). It's gentle and complimentary of your skin regardless of whether you have that pregnant glow. Try to avoid backlighting because it can silhouette you. Instead, look for light that comes from the side or front. For example, face a window with natural light flowing in, instead of standing in front of it with the camera facing the window. Turning off any overhead lights and lamps will help, too.

2. Pick a go-to pose.

If you're Googling “how to take pregnancy photos,” you might actually be looking for posing ideas. We always prioritize comfort and authenticity over forced poses. That's why you see so many in-home photos in the baby books and memory books we share. They're also less stressful if you're DIYing your pregnancy photos. Pick something that's comfortable for you and easy to replicate if you want to do comparison photos as your bump grows. The hands-on-the-bump pose is a classic for a reason. Check out our Pregnancy Photo Ideas Pinterest board for more inspiration.

3. Relax. Literally.

Sometimes people get so caught up with how to take pregnancy photos that they end up looking stiff. Before anyone snaps your photo, take a minute to shake out any tension. Relax your shoulders, arms, and hands. You'll end up with softer, more authentically joyful photos.

4. Use a tripod and self timer. 

Now that you're getting into logistics, you're probably realizing that a selfie isn't going to cut it. You can buy an inexpensive tripod or ask someone to take the photo for you. If you're really in a bind, strap your phone to a can with a hair tie. No one will know! Just set the self timer and get settled into your relaxed go-to pose.

5. Location location location!

If you want to be super consistent with your pregnancy photos, you can pick a favorite spot in your house to take them. Maybe you want to document these moments in your nursery as it comes together. If you're going on a babymoon, that could be a good time to take one, too. Who doesn't love a baby bump on the shore? It's that perfect combination of a lifestyle photography approach with a natural setting.

6. Know the best intervals. 

When you're thinking about how to take pregnancy photos, consider your memory book. When you're taking pregnancy photos with a memory book in mind, it's helpful to know what layouts are available to you. Baby Notebook allows flexible layouts and captions, so you can tailor your baby book to your favorite moments. More on that in a minute!

For now, think about a handful of weeks where it will be fun to take photos to track your bump. We recommend at least four between Week 20 and Week 39. You get a sense of how fast baby is growing and how excited you're getting. 

The Support You Need in an Easy App

Once you know how to take pregnancy photos, you'll want a way to print and share your favorites. Otherwise they end up collecting digital dust on your phone. But how do you keep on top of pregnancy photos along with everything else you're doing to prepare for baby's arrival? 

We created the Baby Notebook app to simplify your life and lighten your mental load. Baby Notebook is a customizable baby book for busy parents. The goal is for you to spend just a few minutes a week on the app and have your memory book done by baby's first birthday. 

With the app, you can set push notifications to remind you when it's time to take your bump pic. Starting at 20 weeks, you'll get an automated reminder to take your photo and upload it to the app. When your baby is born, the reminders help you do quick weekly updates. You'll create a beautiful modern baby book tailored to your family's story.

Want to get the support you need to commemorate this special time with a custom memory book? Learn more about Baby Notebook here!


Thank you to Sara Welch Photography for this image of this baby book created using Baby Notebook.