Our Mission

Our Mission Our baby memory books and app are designed by moms for every parent - single parents, LGBTQ parents, and parents of multiple children. We believe it should be possible for every parent to complete a baby book for their little one. We create the space to accomplish this by notifying you and prompting you through our app. After your baby turns one, you will have a beautifully designed hardbound baby book in your hands.

This book is yours, personalized from the cover photo to the content. You can answer the questions you want and delete the pages you don't. Notifications are customizable to a day of the week, and time that fits your busy parenting life. We remind you and provide you with relevant writing prompts based on your baby's age. It's as fast and as easy as writing an Instagram post, except this entry will last a lifetime.

If you've experienced celebrating your child's first birthday with an empty baby book and feeling disappointed - this app was designed for you. No more empty pages due to the lack of printing, cutting, and pasting photos. The Baby Notebook app reminds you to upload them in the moment. No more frustrations around having to crop photos to fit into the square on the page of a traditional baby book. The Baby Notebook app has a crop tool for you to format your photo the way you intend. No more "mom guilt" for not having an answer to a question. The Baby Notebook app allows you to delete the page. No more trying to think of things to write. The Baby Notebook app prompts you on what to write through our notifications.

Our goal is for you to be able to complete a baby book with ease and flexibility in the first year and have that book ready for you to read to your child the years that follow. We don't want this to be a precious keepsake that you stash in a box. Our intention is for you to tell your littles their story as they grow.⠀